Thursday, July 23, 2009

drowning in CSA

I thought I was doing a pretty awesome job keeping up with our CSA basket contents each week. Welllllll...... now that we are full swing and nearing the middle of the season I am drowning. 4 heads of lettuce today after we got 2 last week??!!!?!?! I think I scared Adam today when he brought home an empty spinach salad container from the store that he bought for lunch. "What the HECK???!!!! (of course I said heck) We have lettuce filling up the entire refrigerator and you BUY a freakin' salad?!?!" He stammered out some excuse but abruptly stopped, I think realizing his error but also my produce overload insanity. Needless to say, he will now be throwing those containers away at work =)
Here is what we received today...

lettuce, 4 heads
carrots, 1 bunch
beets, 1 bunch
broccoli, 2 heads
potato, 2 lb
cilantro, 1 bunch
cucumber, 2 each
summer squash, 4 each
brassica choice, 1 bunch: collard greens, kale, or chard
1 hanging basket of annuals
more cukes
blueberries, 1 PYO pint

I am freezing everything I can , but we are quickly running out of freezer space, I have not yet received the freezer I was promised, and OH! I forgot to mention half of our freezer is full of hops! Adam brews his own beer and fresh hops seem to keep appearing and of course it is preferrable that they be frozen. On the plus side, I should have some good beer related postings in the near future....

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  1. I just found your "other" blog - what fun! Keith and Kenny are out, so I'm wasting my precious "me" time surfing the web, but am enjoying your postings. I've had similar freak outs with our produce before - little pearls of wisdom I've found: most herbs make excellent pesto (pea shoots, cilantro, etc) that can be frozen, you can shred and freeze potatoes for hashbrowns or soups later in the year, and if you change up the proteins and dressings enough, boys will eat salad for dinner for a week straight ;) Hope that helps!