Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was warned...

My friend, Carrie, warned me about this. Warned me that I'd have a very tough time keeping up this blog. It is so very true. Summer brings outdoor activities, traveling and longer day light hours. That coupled with trying to savor every moment until I go back to "out of the home" work (which in some ways I think will be easier than my 168 hour/week at-home job, except that I'll still have the same kid snuggling, laundry, cleaning and meals to juggle once I get home, plus I will need to get the kiddo off to daycare with clean clothes, enough diapers to make it through the day and a lunch that looks organized and healthy lest the daycare providers realize I'm a procrastinator and not always organized. ugh!) Long excuse short, I've not had as much craft time, nor creative time. I'm already mourning that this is not likely to improve anytime soon. Such is life.... I'm excited and sad for this next step. Adam and I fear Charlie will come home with all kinds of new tricks he's learned from his daycare cohorts, and will realize he has been shielded from all of the cool things in life at his ripe old age of 17 months. I think we worry too much. (Do we??!?) My biggest fear is that I will blink and he will be all grown-up. I know it is going to happen. If I blog somewhat often, maybe that will have a way of slowing down time??? Please say it will... =)

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