Monday, March 30, 2009

baby wipes

In the weeks leading up to Charlie's birth, I decided to make my own baby wipes. Disposable wipes are expensive!!.. especailly considering how long you need to use them. I started by buying lightweight flannel fabric and cutting it into 10' x 10" squares. I had them nicely stacked and ready to be zig-zagged around the edges when Charlie decided to make his debut 2 weeks early. Fast forward to this scene - the new family is home - 16 hours after Charlie was born - Adam is at the sewing machine and I'm talking him through his first sewing effort. He did a great job! We began with about 30 wipes, but soon realized that life would be easier if we doubled it. Adam finished up that batch, too. Now the recipe... I modified this from a few I found to make it my own. I really like it - smells really clean and very gentle on little bums....

2 cups water (I used distilled in the beginning - very nervous mom wanting everything to be perfect - Charlie now has his bum washed with water from the tap, poor guy)
2 TBSP olive oil
2 TBSP Dr Bronner's baby mild liquid soap
2 TBSP aloe vera gel
2-3 drops of essential oils (I use tea tree most of the time - I use lavendar occasionally - you really only need 2-3 drops - especially tea tree, as it can be quite astringent)

I usually make a batch and put it in a big squeeze bottle and use it to fill a smaller spray bottle. When Charlie was really little, we would fold the wipes in half and put a dampened stack of them in a wipe warmer, then when we needed one spray it down with the wipe solution. These days we just douse a wipe with the solution and try to wipe him down as he runs away. Things change a lot in a year. We do use disposable wipes on occasion, but I find these to be almost as easy to bring with you on the go if you're prepared (with small bag for laundry, etc). I find that the flannel wipes do a much better job cleaning though. Many 3 wipe situations (paper) can be 1-2 wipe siuations (flannel). =)

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