Monday, March 30, 2009

body scrub

I made chocolate body scrub for gifts a month or so ago. I've also made this recipe without the cocoa. Both are nice. The chocolate has distinct pros and cons - very yummy smelling, but makes your shower look very muddy! I felt like I had to clean the walls after. When I made the recipe without cocoa I added a few drops of lavender essential oil which was nice. Make sure to use a nut based oil (almond, apricot, walnut, etc). Once again, not doing research first is not the best strategy... I decided to concoct a batch of body scrub out of olive oil, sugar and salt (very first attempt - before the cocoa batch). Olive oil... not the best choice! Your skin will be nice and soft, but hold on tightly - your shower and tub will be VERY slippery!
Here's the chocolate recipe...

1/2 cup sugar ( I used the sugar in the raw brown crystals)
1/4 salt (I used kosher because it is coarser)
1/4 cup baking cocoa powder
avocado oil (or other light oil per above)

Mix the first three ingredients together, then gradually add the oil until you get a paste-like consistency. I find after a few days you may need to add a bit more oil, or add a little water to moisten the mix again. As mentioned above, if you don't want a chocolate scrub, just leave it out, and add whatever essential oils you like - 2-3 drops will likely be plenty.

When I gave the scrub as gifts I wanted a nicer container than the tupperware I had in my shower. I went to an art supply store and bought small double walled plastic jars, which worked nicely.

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  1. Since my gift jar is now empty Erin, I've been meaning to ask you for this recipe. This is a nice scrub....I did like the chocolate fragrance and simply rinsing the shower a little afterwards was worth don't be afraid of trying the cocoa people. It's a treat!