Friday, March 27, 2009

Charlie's banner

For Charlie's birthday I wanted to make him a banner that he could use for many years, and that would not be disposable. This one serves the purpose, and can even be used year-round in his room if he chooses. It's funny how you stumble upon things at just the right time. I had this idea in my head, but didn't know how to execute it, then I saw the cover of SouleMama's new book
Seeing the banner on that book was enough help to get me going. My version is a bit different, obviously. Mine is made out of really nice wool felt from the shop at the Waldorf school just down the road. I love how the colors are uneven. I chose the felt because I think it's pretty, and honestly I have no interest at this time in applique (why applique when there is such a thing as felt glue??). I just know I'd be terrible at it, and also don't have the time or patience. I picked up fat quarters in nice bright colors at a quilt shop, and a $3.00 clothesline. Fun, easy project!

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