Saturday, March 28, 2009

Homemade board book

For this project I took 1/4" poster board and using an exacto knife, cut it into squares for the pages. I used scrapbooking glue tape to attach the pictures, then covered them with laminating paper. I punched holes with a skewer and bound it with kitchen twine. My original idea was for this to be a much more polished book, but it is very utilitarian, and if it ever gets destroyed I won't be too upset. I'm glad for this now, as it has been christened with his sippy cup and thrown/dragged all over the place and is still in one piece. He loves it, too. I blew up pictures of family members to really emphasize the faces when I could.

P.S. In typical Erin fashion, I did research after the fact. I really didn't look around online before making this. If you look around you can find some really nice"how-to's" for homemade board books. I'm not taking a dig at mine - I still like it, and it was done in a reasonable amount of time. In case anyone wants to up the ante, browse around and don't stop here. Here are some great examples:
I may go back and look into that when Charlie is older - what a great gift or keepsake - let him make his own book for himself or for relatives/friends....

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