Thursday, June 11, 2009

sewing craziness and my binding

I've been a bit obsessed lately. In the past week I've bound a quilt, finished a quilt top, made 2 pillow covers, made a "sleeping bag" for a kindle, and started an apron (because I stumbled upon this and couldn't resist the chance at being randomly selected and winning a craft book - really just an excuse to sew). I have lots of other projects I want to work on but a few issues.... my machine is stitching strangely despite cleaning it, oiling it, adjusting settings and rethreading it about eighty times. UGH. Maybe it is tired. I had to stop in the middle of the apron (blueberry theme, btw) yesterday before I threw something. Precious moments while baby sleeping should not be wasted fixing a machine! Anyway... Mom asked me what I was binding, so I'll show you! It's a lap quilt made from Good Folks fabric. Just a basic block quilt because I wanted to be able to stare at the fabrics. They are bright and colorful - nice and summery. The binding was not nearly as awful a process as I had feared. I actually really liked doing the back by hand. It took me a good 4 hours, but whatever. (It is hard to get a good photo of a quilt!)

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  1. this is going to sound crazy. but i have that good folks fabrics. a whole set of fat quarters of it. I was planning on making a throw quilt out of thw whole big patterns....

    exactly. like. that one. great minds think alike.

    I bought that robot fabric that you put up on here a couple weeks ago and made it into a patchwork blanket (for a friends baby). I just made a simple patchwork top and backed it with chenille. I'll throw a picture of it up on which is where lucas and I are keeping track of our urban gardening experiment.