Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wonderful mail day!

I was so excited to get the mail yesterday, as I was expecting a little package from my trusty quilt lady, Dianne.  (If anyone is looking for someone to quilt for you in the Northeast, Dianne is wonderful and very affordable.)  You know you've all torn open a package as soon as you get it.  I pick up my mail from the post office, so waiting until I get home is just not an option.  Now, the daunting task of binding the thing.  SIGHHHHHHHH  I am such a slow hand stitcher.  I guess when you don't ever practice, what do you expect?  (I think I've had my mom bind all of my quilts to this point!)  Anyone have any tips to make it less painful?  The sooner I finsih it, the sooner you get to see the finished product.......

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