Sunday, April 26, 2009


I seem to be impaired in the creativity arena these days! I have had no desire to cook and have no grocery shopping motivation. What I've really been doing is trying to finish knitting this cute vest I've been working on for Charlie since OCTOBER.... Thank goodness he's a little pip and hasn't grown too quickly, and that I made it a size bigger then he was at the time. My problem with knitting is that I'm great at the process and enjoy the relaxation in the mindless, rhythmic stitches. I am NOT good at finish work. To be fair, it's also difficult to finish a knitting project when it is in the 80's! When the heck is this kid going to wear this thing, anyway??? Oh well.
I have other projects in the works (as always). I just ordered some fabric to make an easy throw quilt (an idea I dreamt up 3 days ago when sleet was hitting the windows - gotta love the Northeast and its weather) and ordered some essential oils and other supplies to make some body care items. My parents got me a great book for my birthday - Organic Body Care Recipes... I LOVE the book. I want to make everything in it!
I am also lacking motivation because I was treated to a spa day yesterday by papa bear and family. SOOOO wonderful! I was at the spa for 5 hours. Unreal. I feel very loved, very pampered and very lazy today. 32 is looking great so far =)

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