Sunday, May 17, 2009

chef's apron and hat

I came across this link and thought the hat and apron were adorable.
My guy loves to play in his kitchen and stir empty pots while I cook, so I couldn't resist. I followed the hat pattern to a "t" - it is very large on him, but because it is adjustable it is doable - not that he's too into wearing it at the moment. He likes to look at it and throw it. I figure in a year or two when he gets the whole cooking thing and thinks dressing up is fun he'll enjoy it. I made up the apron pattern but looked at this one just to make sure I wasn't way off. I love the red fabric (from Robert Kaufman). I originally bought it with an apron for me in mind (one too many shirts with grease splash stains!), so that may be a project not too far down the road....

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