Thursday, May 21, 2009

taste of summer and loose ends

For dinner we had a summer favorite - tomato cucumber sandwiches.  Sounds simple and boring, but with mayo, salt and pepper it is far from dull!  They will only taste better as local, fresh veggies emerge.  Yum.  We jazzed them up a bit tonight with sliced fresh mozzarella and some basil.

Also, I realized in my rush I forgot to mention how I made Charlie's pants...  I traced a pair of his and made them a bit larger.  I also used this tutorial to refer to....  Lastly, I cheated a bit and used the bottom seam of the t-shirt as the bottom seam of the pant legs.  Fun and easy!  I am starting to read about serger sewing machines and wow does that seem luxurious....  maybe someday...  

We're off to Maine for a wedding this weekend and leaving in the AM.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all!!!

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