Sunday, May 3, 2009

the never-ending vest

Have you ever had a project that just won't end? As much as I loved making this vest and was very excited about it, it is not the best project to put down for a few weeks (ok, maybe months) at a time and then pick back up. Especially considering the fact that I am not a great note taker and thus when I picked the project back up again I had to "read" the piece I was working on to figure out where I was in the pattern. Not fun. It made picking it back up again painful at times. I started this project in October just after I finished a cute green sweater for Charlie and I was entering the time of year where I really get the knitting bug. It wasn't the type of project that I could easily work on while doing something else - the pattern required attention, and often at the end of the day when I had time to sit down and work on it, I was too tired. Had it been a project without cables I probably would've been done with it in a few weeks. Something I will try to remember for projects in the near future. Thank goodness my little man is a peanut and he still fits in the size I made for him, though I did make it a bit bigger to maximize wear-time. I'm not sure he'll get much spring-time wear out of it as the temperature inevitably rises. Maybe it will still fit in the fall???

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