Saturday, May 16, 2009

a great day

It was a great day overall. One of the highlights was definitely going into Joann's alone. The things I took for granted before. I wasn't completely alone... the boys were in the car (Charlie sleeping), so I didn't feel as if I could peruse freely without consequence, but nonetheless it was nice. I grabbed some great fabric and a few other necessities, and I already finished a project but now want to make something else to go along with it before posting a photo. My model also wasn't complying (to be fair it was 8 PM when I finished and said model needed sleepy time badly...), which is the real reason I have no photo at the moment. One thing I will tell you is I used fabric from Robert Kaufman's Metro Market line.... I saw this fabric over a month ago and told myself it was great, but I didn't need it. Since then it has crossed my mind many times so finally I caved. Hopefully I'll have postable images tomorrow!

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